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Toast And Preserve

( Multigrain, Sourdough)                          $2.90


Fruit Toast /Gluten Free Toast         $3.90            

 Muesli Truffle                                                 $9.90

Low Fat Natural Yogurt With Honey Toasted Muesli,

Cinnamon & Berry Comport


Egg On Toast                                                    $13.90                     

Poached/ Scrambled/Fried Egg On

Toasted Sourdough

Gluten Free Available                                  Extra 1.00


Buttermilk Pancake (2 pc)                           $12.90          

Served With Maple Syrup And Fresh Cream


Egg And Bacon Roll                        $13.90

2 Fried Eggs, 2 Rashers Of Bacon On

Turkish Roll, Homemade Tomato Salsa

and Fresh Rocket Leaves

Add: Avocado                 $3.90                 


Breakfast Bruschetta                       $14.90 

Sauté Mushroom With Baby Spinach,

Cherry Tomato and Feta Cheese On

Sourdough Drizzled With Sweet Balsamic                                 


Egg Benedict                                         $16.90  

Poached Egg Served On Turkish With

 Welted Baby Spinach and Double

Smoke Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce


Avocado Salad                                               $13.90

Fresh Rocket Leaves Tossed With

 Feta, Baby Peas, Avocado And Drizzled

With Honey and Lime Dressing Topped

With Poached Egg

Charthouse Big Breakfast                     $21.90           

Two Eggs Cooked Your Way On Sourdough

Toast Served with Double Smoked Bacon,

Sausages, Hash Brown, Grilled Tomato and

Sauté Mushroom


Charthouse Big Vege Breakfast      $20.90

Two  Eggs Cooked Your Way On Sourdough

Toast Served With Avocado, Baked Beans, Hash Brown, Grilled Tomato And Sauté Mushroom


Buttermilk Pancake Stack (4 pc)       $16.90       

Served With Maple Syrup, Berry Comport 

And Vanilla Ice Cream / Fresh Cream


Three Eggs Plain Omelette               $15.90

Served With Sour Dough Toast

Add: Spinach & Feta                   $2.90

          Ham & Cheese                  $2.90

          Mushroom $ Cheese          $2.90

          Chilli, Tomato & Cheese   $2.90


Kids Breakfast


12 Years And Under Only

Pancake                                          $12.90

Served With Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream


Egg On Toast With Hash Brown                $12.90 

(1 Egg Only)



Eggs (Any Style) Each                                  $2.50            


Hash Brown/ Grilled Tomato/ Sauté           $2.90                   

Mushroom/Sauté Spinach/ Baked Beans                         


Avocado/Bacon/ Sausages/ Smoked Ham  $3.90       

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Pan-fried Cobbler  (GF)                                                                                                                                     $23.90

Served On Bed Of Rocket And Citrus Salad With Pickled Fennel, Toasted Macadamia Nuts and

Lemon Butter Sauce


Open BLT  Sandwich (GF)                                                                                                                                 $17.90         

Grilled Juicy Porterhouse (150 G) Steak Served In Turkish Bread With Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon,

 Crunchy Fries and Home Made Smoked Tomato Sauce      

Add Avocado  $3.00

Add Steak (150g) $7.90

Add Egg      $2.50    


Pork Riblets (GF)                                                                                                                                                $ 24.90

Chilly, Lime and Honey Glazed Pork Ribs With Crunchy Fries And Apple Sauce


Chicken Parmy                                                                                                                                                    $ 21.90

Golden Chicken Schnitzel With Napolitano Sauce & Melted Mozzarella Cheese Served With

Garden Salad and Chips

Add Pineapple       $1.00                   

Add Ham               $2.00


Avocado & Salad Wrap                                                                                                                                    $18.90

Served With Crispy Chips

Add Chicken   $4.90


Curry Shepherd’s Pie (GF)                                                                                                                                $21.90                                    

A Hearty Mixture Of Ground Lamb & Vegetables With A Thick Curry Sauce Topped With Mashed

Potato & Cheese Served With Salad & Garlic Bread

Mushroom Risotto  (GF)                                                                                                                                   $19.90        

Arborio Rice Cooked With Mushroom and Baby English Spinach Finished With Shaved Parmesan Cheese

Add Chicken        $4.90

Add Seafood       $8.00


Wagyu Beef Burger (GF)                                                                                                                                $15.90

Add: Basket of Chips  $3.90

Tandoori Chicken Salad (GF)                                                                                                                        $20.90                                                Chicken Marinated in Tandoori Spice, Served On Baby Spinach, Fire Roasted Pepper, Mango, Citrus Topped With

Yogurt Dressing & Crunchy Papadum.

Nachos(GF)                                                                                                                                                 $20.90                                       

Chicken Marinated in Tandoori Spice, Served On Baby Spinach, Fire Roasted Pepper, Mango, Citrus Topped With

Yogurt Dressing & Crunchy Papadum.

Dukkha Crusted Barramundi (GF)                                                                                                                $31.90                        

Dukkha Crusted Barra Fillet Served With Home- Made Hollandaise Sauce  With Chips & Salad / Mash & Veg

Authentic Indian Butter Chicken Curry(GF)                                                                                                $24.90                         

Cooked With Butter Chicken Sauce Served With Lime & Chilli Rice, Papadum & Coconut Raita

Spicy Beef Coconut Curry(GF)                                                                                                                   $26.90                         

Cooked With Spicy Coconut Sauce Served With Lime & Chilli Rice, Papadum & Coconut Raita

Creamy Garlic Prawn (GF)                                                                                                                       $29.90

Served With Lime & Chilli Flavoured Rice

Vege Pasta Parcel (GF)                                                                                                                           $22.90

Pene Pasta Tossed With Garden Green Vegetables, Baked & Finished With Napolitano Sauce

Add: Chicken   $4.90

Balinese Buddha Bowl (GF)                                                                                                                     $ 22.90

Salad Bowl With Hot Chicken Breast, Hummus & Wedges

Beer Battered Fish                                                                                                                                    $20.90                        

Crispy Fried NZ Hoki Served With Chips and Home- Made Tartare Sauce


Sizzling Chicken (GF)                                                                                                                                $24.90

Sizzling Chicken With Choice of Mushroom or Pepper Sauce

Add Basket of Chips    $2.90

Add Rice   $4.90   



Add On: 


Mashed Potato $4.90

Basket Of Chips $3.90

Small Bowl Of Chips  $5.90

Large Bowl Of Chips $8.90

Steamed Vegetables $5.90

Garlic Bread $3.90

Cheesy Garlic Bread  $4.90

Onion Bhaji  $14.90                                                                  

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